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CAPWIN - European project to prevent school dropout

Europe 2020 is EU's growth strategy for the coming decade. Among very important objectives of the strategy is to prevent school dropout. The economic crisis and migration in Europe increase the vulnerability of the youth, and therefore the objectives of employability are at risk. Medical as well as social implications are rising. 

CAPWIN is a European Leonardo da Vinci project that focuses especially on dropout students and professionals working with them. The objective of the project is to train professionals to work with dropout students using the Robert Michid method. Arc en Ciel in France has integrated the method, which focuses on the impact of daily decisions and analyses the selection process, in order to promote a permanent behavioral adjustment of the individual’s choices. Using the method, the professional should be able to guide the student to reconnect with his/her goals and to lead them back on track with education. The method is based on the psychosocial analysis of decision-making. It enables professionals throughout the educational levels, to adjust and re-establish a connection for each individual to re-engage with own skills and abilities.   

Partners from 7 countries cooperate on CAPWIN, offering different experience, analysis and professional outlook on the dropout level in each country. The partners come from France, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Sweden and each partner is connected to an educational organization offering different stages of education, -both from the private and public sectors. 

To promote effective implementation of the Robert Michid method, TP Teatern in Sweden brings to the partnership the innovative tool of interactive theater. Both pedagogical and demonstrational videos will be made to support the visual transfer of the method. The goal is to familiarize each partner with the method and that partner’s organizations will present it regionally as well as on a national level in each of the partner’s country. All partner organizations will offer professionals trained to use and teach the method. 

The project partners sincerely hope that CAPWIN will have a strong impact on dropout rate and student’s wellbeing. The mission is to shift the focus to the strengths and skills of students, and not on misfortune or bad choices. It provides a tool to observe everyday activities and guides individuals to increase their confidence and ability to learn. 

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