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A new Erasmus internship has been concluded!

Here is it!!! My internship and 3 months stay in Portugal are over. The time ran so quick that I have the impression my stay was so short, and really it was short. 3 months are not enough to learn all the things that I wanted to learn during this exchange period. The more I was doing the tasks, the more the need to learn more and more was piling up. Unfortunately too due to the time I can’t even prolong my stay. So I’m leaving with so many satisfactions, but with some regrets too.

On an academic point of view, my internship was exclusively to assist the international project manager of Kerigma. At the end of this internship, I just can say that I learnt a lot on the European Union. I studied its history at the University, but the politics and policies where a little bit estranged to me. So during these 3 months, I really have a clear vision on the European Union mainly on the education projects and opportunities one can benefit from it, even for the extra communitarian. I acquired some new knowledge on the use of technical set, I improved my skill in the use of the Microsoft program, the research in different database, etc… Read the different projects the European Union can offer and the updates they are bringing in the drawing of the program help me understand so many things. I thing the European Union educational Directory is a mine where people need to dig deep and they will find a suitable program for them.

On a personal point of view, obviously being a student spending an exchange period abroad there is always that positive point you extract from it. You grow up mentally, you confront yourself with different realities, cultures, etc… In Portugal it was the same for me I discovered a new culture, a different way to see the world.  I’ve been confront to different realities, because I also used my stay in here to do a voluntary work in a social cooperative (GASC), this allowed me to meet “the have and the have not”, it is a general fact in the world, but they handle the life differently in each part of the world. After seeing some things you just can’t do other than grow a little bit up mentally.

Portuguese are not keen language speakers, so to blend in the city life I decided to take a language course. At my arrival I was 0 in Portuguese language, but now I’m able to sustain a conversation at the intermediate level. That is also one of the point from which I’m very proud for this experience. 

I didn’t have the opportunity to make many friends, much more for the language barrier, and also I noted Portuguese are a little bit shy, but I’m part of people who think that it takes a little bit much longer to make really true and good friends.

I visited some surrounding cities, but I will consecrate the remaining of my time here at doing tourism. This is the advantage to do a summer internship in a beautiful country.

So I will finish tossing a coin in the air and saying that I will definitely come back in Portugal if not for work, at least for tourism.


Muito obrigado Kerigma, pela  hospitalidade, por me ensinar tudo o que aprendi de novo durante este estágio. Obrigado à Dinah, a minha professor de língua pela paciência e dedicação. Obrigado Portugal!!!!!!

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