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INNOVACREAWORK- Enterprise as Innovation to create new work places at a time of global crisis

The main objective of the project INNOVACREAWORK is to promote the entrepreneurship as one of the key competences in the context of active citizenship and global economy. An innovative programme will be transferred to the participating countries in order to support achieving new skills for new jobs and enforcing competitiveness and innovation. The programme in question is "APRENDE A EMPRENDER" ("BE AN ENTREPRENEUR"), created and developed in Spain, and successfully introduced to VET in this country. Through different VET agents (institutions, tutors, students, local community), mobilization and through the cultural and historical diversity of all the partners, will approach facilitation methods and strategies in an integrated and multidisciplinary way.

Starting from the above mentioned resource, the partnership aims to translate, adapt and implement the programme in every participating institution, to improve the available materials while taking into account the educational reality of each one of the participating countries and to build a common European product, using a common framework applicable both to this partnership and other European countries not involved in the project.

The impact of the project INNOVACREAWORK will increase given the numerous innovative ways of dissemination that are going to be applied: the European fair that during which the recipients of this initiative will be able to launch their "fake" companies and where they will be able to compare their results and compete with their colleagues from other European countries, and the final seminar in each country where the best practices will be presented. In this way the quality and the value of the models adapted from the original Spanish programme will be tested and evaluated and will have the opportunity to verify its success and results.


website: www.innovacreawork.com

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