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HELP - Design your Future!

The average youth unemployment in the countries of the European Union is 22.8%. In the countries collaborating in the partnership project “Design Your Future“ the situation is especially precarious in Spain (with 54.2%) and in Portugal (35.1%) but youth unemployment is also very high in Romania (23%), Poland (26.5 %), Turkey (17.4%) and France (25.7%). In Germany the unemployment rate is 8%.


Youth unemployment that is closely connected to professional and school education is one of the essential causes for social exclusion of adolescents and all of society’s problems connected to it. Projects that fight youth unemployment need to be developed on a European level.

The partnership “Design Your Future“ offers an opportunity to make a contribution to this with several partners from 8 countries.


The partnership aims to develop projects for disadvantaged, unemployed youths on the basis of local, regional and national demands and conditions in order to support their social inclusion with the help of education and employment. 

With the help of politicians and local, regional and national decision makers these projects shall be implemented in the regions of the participating partner institutions.


The diversity of these projects with their various target groups (e.g. school dropouts, training dropouts, young people in difficult social situations or with migration background, drug addicts and others) and their different approaches shall provide regional, national as well as European politicians with possible courses of action and tools for the social inclusion of disadvantaged, unemployed young people.


website: www.designyourfuture.euroinnov.eu

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